Welcome to Amazon Distributed Runner’s documentation!

The Amazon Distributed Runner (ADR) is a simple queueing system based on the Amazon SQS Message Queue and the Amazon S3 Buckets to handle batches of numerical model runs or other on-demand processes. Any node with the ADR installed can process jobs from the central queue. The ADR provides tools to launch and manage nodes at the Amazon EC2 computational facility, but the queueing system is not restricted to this facility.

The ADR is available through the OpenEarth GitHub repository: http://github.com/openearth/amazon-distributed-runner/


adr config
adr create
adr launch -n 5
adr prepare
adr queue ~/GitHub/aeolis-models/nickling1995/nickling1995_*.txt
adr queue ~/GitHub/aeolis-models/dong2004/dong2004_*.txt
adr download ~/Downloads/
adr destroy

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